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    about us

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    With more than 33years development in PCB manufacturing, Olympic incorporated as a Hong Kong limited company that specialize in wide scope of PCB solutions from single side to 18L, STH/CTH, Metal Core, HDIs, Flexible PCB and Rigid-Flex. Our product serves a diverse industry including automotive, medical, data&telecommunications , computer/ peripherals, industrial and consumer products.


    Top tier EMS, ODM and OEM companies have chosen Olympic as their PCB partner for our excellent customer service, un-paralled quality andcompetitive pricing. Our facilities in Heshan, southern China, are ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, TS16949, UL, VDE and CQC certified with a total production monthly capacity of over 250,000 square meters. With a workforce of over 3,500 employees and significant engineering resources, Olympic is industries preferred choice for your PCB requirements. 


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    TEL:(852)2341-5313 FAX:(852)2343-6011 E-MAIL:mkt@olympicpcb.com

    Olympic circuit technology Co.,Ltd

    TEL: (86)750 8911-888 FAX: (86)750 8919-888 E-MAIL:mkt@olympicpcb.com

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